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  1. Noooooooo! That really is a shame. I really do hope that you manage to restore a backup. And if you manage to do so, please provide a way to export the contents. For a long time, I pondered creating an ebook out of gunkies. Maybe this is the right time to do so.
    What do you think about such an ebook?


    • Hmm it’d be nice, more so in the idea that it all wouldn’t be lost. I liked the idea of a less than strict wiki on computing, and went crazy trying to create 100’s of pages on all kinds of shit hoping to draw some people in… I think I did somewhat succeed. Although the only problem is that I don’t own it, so when bad stuff happens it is all out of my hands. The owner is no doubt busy with other stuff, and it gets sidelined.

      which is a bummer.

      I suppose the answer is turn off scripting and just start mining it. Im sure there is some tool out there somewhere to just pull stuff from a wiki in an automated fashion, the trick is the neat templates that were setup….

      • MediaWiki has a database and XML export feature. You should be able extract it all automagically.

        I have a wiki about computering, for what it’s worth… probably a penny.

      • Sounds great to me. If you want to talk about the details, you should know the mail address. However, I’ll be on a two weeks vacation to sweden starting tomorrow. I’ll start working on this afterwards.


  2. I could also do it too. 😉

    You should know my email, and my bud ampharos will be happy to help. I’m a MediaWikite myself.

    • The spammers basically killed the site. I would assume he’s not replying to email as he’s on vacation… Although if he’s totally lost interest in the whole thing, at least the domain is still working….

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