Flight simulator 4!

Flight Simulator 4

From a comment made by ampharos, there is all kinds of weird stuff on the old Microsoft FTP server, including all kinds of stuff in the stress test directory.. So wandering around I came across something I never noticed, Flight Simulator 4!

That’s right and for MS-DOS.  I recall running this on OS/2 2.0 was kind of a big deal, but its cooler in dosbox! … Anyways, if you want click here, and download away.  I think this version was intended to more of a demo, but it’s still cool to watch the jet plane going through the motions.

What is amazing to me is just how compact it is… It seems there was a lot ‘more’ with less back then, but maybe we’ve come to expect so much more?

6 thoughts on “Flight simulator 4!

  1. Yep, nice find. Always loved old flight simulators (not just by MS). Does anybody on this blog happen to have a Flight Unlimited II copy? Write me.

    There’s Word 5.5 too. And it’s licensed to ELVIS LIVES!!

    • I know they got hacked a while back, and since them it still acts weird… FWIW I made an update today and it seems to have worked… Its a shame. 😐

  2. If your interested I have been working on javascript pc emulation for a while. See latest at sourceforge.net/projects/jsdosbox. Email me if you would like some further info on what works (old dos games/demos) and what doesn’t (win/cli shell stuff) or any other details.

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