Qemu 0.15.1 patched

I went ahead and slapped together a bunch of favorite patches to Qemu that I seemed to not have put in all together… so here we go the i386 version…..

  • AdLib! enabled
  • NE2000 set to 0x320 IRQ 10
  • GNS udp
  • control+alt+d to do a CAD
  • control+alt+r to reset
  • ISA Cirrus VGA adapter (CLGD5426)

I’ve also found for Windows 95, that if you set the graphics one notch off of full acceleration  that the mouse pointer will ‘work’ …

Of all the testing Iv’e done so far, it’s just been with Windows 95, the soundblaster/adlib works along with the networking (NAT) as I installed IE 3.01 for good measure.

For those who are interested, my build is available here, and the patch is here.

The ISA Cirrus VGA is enabled with -vga isacirrus … Enjoy!

21 thoughts on “Qemu 0.15.1 patched

  1. The patch does make Windows NT and DOS usable, but when running Windows 3.1x using the Cirrus drivers higher than 640×480 24-bit colour, display corruption occurs. 🙁

    I was wondering if there was a way to fix that or not. :\

    • does it happen with ‘vanilla’ qemu …? I forget the flags offhand (its 230am) but I think the -vga isacirrus or something like that may help….

      • I have not tested the “vanilla” Qemu 0.15.1 build yet.

        But with your modified build, I tried to use the -vga iascirrus command, but it still resulted in screen corruption when using the Cirrus SVGA driver.

        I’ll provide a screenshot for proof on what happened on Twitpic.

      • Okay. I uploaded a screenshot of what Windows 3.1 looks like when using the ISA Cirrus CL-GD-5426 drivers and the screen looks totally black: http://twitpic.com/9rqe4y/full

        I was hoping that would be fixed soon.

        Until then, I can’t use the Cirrus Logic drivers (ISA or PCI versions) under Windows 3.1. 🙁

        • I believe the video (specifically, Cirrus for Win 3.x with any resolution higher than 640×480 and color more than 16) was broken since 0.9.1. I have submitted a wishlist of emulating S3 Trio, but it seems won’t happen in any near future…

          • That’s no good. 🙁

            And now, we’re gonna have to end up using Qemu 0.9.0 indefinitely, because that was the best version and the last that supported ISA. The only downside is that it didn’t support SCSI disks at all until at least Qemu 1.1. Qemu 0.9.1 broke ISA support.

            If developers can’t implement S3 Trio/Tseng ET4000 support, it would be good for someone to add a special patch that supports it…either in the latest version of Qemu or Qemu 0.15.1. 🙂

            You can still use qemu-img from the latest version to create and resize hard disks though.

        • What cirrus driver are you using? I dumped a cirrus 5426 ROM as part of this experiment and rebuilt Qemu telling it that it was a 5426 not a 5430 but.. maybe it’d be happier thinking its a 5430…?

          • I used all three versions of the Cirrus drivers, the Cirrus 5426 (isacirrus), 5430 and 5446 to get Windows 3.1 working and all I got was a corrupt display. The only temporary workaround was to either use Qemu 0.9.x or use the generic Super VGA 256 colour drivers.

            Also, in your patched version of Qemu 0.15.1, I couldn’t even boot off of a hard disk drive when it is used as a SCSI device too.

            I wondering if Qemu 0.15.1 can be patched again as “Qemu 0.15.1a” to include “-vga isacirrus3” so it can support the Cirrus Logic CL-GD542x with the ability to support Windows 3.1 (and possibly Windows 3.0) and the ability to boot off of a SCSI hard disk.

            Until then, I’m stuck on Qemu 0.9.0. 🙁

            I believe that the Cirrus Logic CL-GD5401 was probably the last to support Windows 3.0 and I know for a fact that Cirrus Logic was founded in 1991 and it never supported Windows 3.0 very well.

            Any questions on Windows 3.0, let me know. 🙂

          • Cirrus for Windows 3.0 ….? do you have the driver file names or a place to share them out so I can test??

          • >> Cirrus for Windows 3.0 ? do you have the
            >> driver file names or a place to share them out
            >> so I can test??

            This page has some instructions on how to get the Cirrus Logic CL-GD542x drivers to work under Windows 3.0. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that the drivers will work under Windows 3.0, because the OS is only capable of using video drivers with up to 1 MB of display memory and can only address up to 16 MB of system memory.

            Follow the instructions on how to get those drivers working: http://ftp.net.pulawy.pl/drivers/legacy/vga/cirrus/cirrus1/%231/win30/readme

            Be aware that you cannot use the 64K_800.DRV and 16M_640.DRV drivers as they only operating under Windwos 3.1 and do not operate under Windows 3.0

            I did found the 5320win3.zip driver, but it’s in beta and not very stable…and there appears to be no driver found anywhere.

            I found another driver called “cirruswd.zip”, but it’s only a VGA controller chip driver and it’s only capable of displaying 16 colours. 🙁

            If you can’t get the Cirrus Drivers that I provided working, it would be good to patch Qemu 0.15.1 again to include support for “-vga tseng” which includes support for the Tseng Labs Int’l ET4000 driver designed for Windows 3.0 and “-vga s3trio” for support for the S3 Trio 864 driver for Windows 3.1. 🙂

          • Sorry for posting a duplicate comment. It appears that the blog system suffered some lag while I was posting a reply to your comment. :p

  2. You can try here: http://ftp.net.pulawy.pl/drivers/legacy/vga/cirrus/cirrus1/%231/win30/readme

    They provided special instructions on how to get the Cirrus Logic CL-GD542x drivers working under Windows 3.0, for which Cirrus Logic never very well supported it. However, one restriction is that you cannot use the 16-bit or 24-bit colour drivers as they’re only designed for Windows 3.1.

    Windows 3.0 is only capable of using a graphics card with up to 1 MB of display memory and is only capable of accessing up to 16 MB of system memory.

    If you can’t get the CL-GD542x drivers to work under Windows 3.0, you can try to patch up Qemu 0.15.1 more by implementing the Tseng Labs ET4000 driver (-vga tseng). 🙂

  3. sorry my blog was flagging everyone as spam… too many things going on and on… i’ll see if I can figure anything out but .. I can’t promise much.

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