Yet another update for QuakeWorld/Quake for MS-DOS

You can download the source/binaries here.

The big change is that you can not play larger maps, like the dreaded Warp Spasm (which of course relies on QUOTH).

Warp Spasam under OS/2

I’ve also built it for OS/2! You can download Quake, Quake World, and the source code. This all builds with EMX 0.9d and I’m using OS/2 2.0 (patched to x06100).

Also if it matters the newer your MS-DOS the better… 4.01 works, sure but its SLOW…

9 thoughts on “Yet another update for QuakeWorld/Quake for MS-DOS

  1. PLEASE start giving releases DISTINCT UNIQUE filenames! ! !!!!! !! !!!!!!!!!!

    And please zip the files. Named with something unique.

    Please please please!

    • I was going to start to go with the directories being branched out by build…. Are you talking about the MS-DOS version or the OS/2 version?

      • Both. In fact, anyone who releases any files that will be superceeded by newer versions should do so. Otherwise no one can archive old versions in a sane way. 😉

  2. There’s a newer build that I’m working on that will bring Nehahra support as well. At this point, it’s playable but somethings are stubbed (like tracetoss AI for the ogres and some sprites are rendered wrong).

  3. There almost needs to be a census thing in there to tell who on earth even runs/plays these things…. I know I’d be interested if *ANYONE* even bothers with the OS/2 versions (not archiving but actually playing them!)…

    • dual boot! … best of both worlds.. although Windows 95/98/Me will destroy OS/2 … what a coincidence! … but I have some dump files somewhere, one to restore from DOS to get a minimal system going, and another from OS/2 to bring it up all the way…. I know it worked on my PIII once I figured out what NIC I had.. lol

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