Video of Fortran Dungeon…

I forget how I got linked back to this, but I figured in the new year vogue, I’d make a video to show how … convaluted it is to build dungeon via f2c.

As you can see, first I have to compile f2c as a Windows QuickWin exe as the MS-DOS version just runs out of memory without some kind of DOS Extender, and Windows 3.0 makes a suitable extender..

Next, I had to make a ‘list’ program that then exectued f2c against the Fortran converting them to C.  Then finally I just compile the libf2c components, then statically add in the Dungeon source that was just converted.  There is some ‘out of range’ case statement, not sure why, but it works… as you can see.

It builds/runs in 286 enhanced mode and beyond..  Obviously the more memory the better.

This was on Qemu 0.15.0 with MS-DOS 4.01 & Windows 3.0

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  1. Instead of having to write that “list” program, if you upgrade to Visual C++ (e.g. version 1.5) or downgrade to Microsoft C/C++ 7 (but no earlier) and don’t mind having to use 386 Enhanced mode to build, you can use the wx tool to run Windows programs from a DOS prompt within Windows. Or maybe you can just install wx/wxserver from, perhaps that doesn’t depend on anything from the FORTRAN toolset it says it’s for?

    Borland C++ 4.5 came with something similar called WinRun.

      • I looked further and Borland’s WinRun also required 386 Enhanced mode.

        I find it interesting that QuickC for Windows didn’t come with a make tool, but its IDE project file format is a makefile! I wonder to what extent you can manually edit that .MAK file and the IDE will still be able to understand it and do what you ask it to?

        • I guess I didn’t feel advernterious enough, but at the same time figured that my stupid ‘list’ program would run f2c with all the flags and paths fine…

          Maybe I should revisit it.

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