Sonic CD released for IOS (iPhone/iPad)

Sonic CD

According to early reviews, it is simply awesome!  Simply put this is *not* just a bundled SEGA-CD emulator along with the CD-ROM, but instead the video has been greatly cleaned up, the game start is logically broken down like a good iOS (when I hear IOS I always think of cisco’s IOS but I know….) application for your iPhone/iPad with nice menus that just wouldn’t be the same for the old Sega CD platform.  Clearly Christian Whitehead has done some fantastic work here!

Friend to pixels and polys alike...

So first off this uses the Apple Game Centre.  I’ll never understand why so many games do *NOT* use this.  In our little ‘app connected’ world you’d think more things would be driven for the ‘achievements’ and ‘world wide leaderboards’ but the only two games I have that use this is angry birds & Sonic CD.

Sonic CD Achievements..

Sonic CD Leaderboard

So how does it look?  Pretty much just like the real thing, except it’s been rescaled so you see more of the screen, instead of squish o vision… For example here is the real Sonic CD:

Sonic CD on my TeeVee!

And under emulation:

Sonic CD under the Fusion emulator

And here is the start with the Sonic CD IOS application:

Christian's Sonic CD

As you can see things like the lives left have been moved to the top so you can actually see them, and the display screen is wider so you can see more of the scenery.  Clearly a lot more went into this than the 68000 emulation.

Another cool thing is that you can change soundtracs from the American & Japanese versions.

Choose soundtrack

So for those of you who love ‘Sonic Boom’ can relive the 1990’s.

I should add that in addition game play is GREAT.  Now don’t get me wrong I love having a physical Genesis along with a model 1 CD drive to play the ‘real thing’ but at the same time, this is the ‘hand held’ version to get!  And at $1.99 USD it is simply a STEAL.

The Sonic CD app page.

7 thoughts on “Sonic CD released for IOS (iPhone/iPad)

  1. i really don’t get it why people like these game portals/centres/app stores.. thy are the sole reason i hate modern consoles, and recently most of the pc games are only available through steam, which is a resource hog, looks like sh*t, and.. basically i despise it.

    and these achievement things.. i want to play the bloody game, not have all these stupid and pointless messages pop up at random when i complete a quest or something. it forces me ‘pirate’ games: i buy them through amazon (or steam if i have to), then i download them again from a torrent site just to have control over my own damn software.

    and these app stores.. fsck. i can understand them on an android or ios device, but the mac app store.. come on, leave me alone. not to mention with the advent of the app store, more and more free stuff is going commercial. a few dollars is not much, but i feel betrayed when an update to my favourite application gives me a message about suddenly having to purchase it.

    and.. maybe it’s just me getting old, but i don’t feel comfortable giving anyone my credit card number and address. not even apple, google or paypal. they probably have unsalted hashes, or even worse, plain text databases on an unsecure server on the net somewhere.. man, how i miss my cds and boxes that i bought for *real* money..

    it’s infuriating how stupid they take regular users nowadays.

    sorry, i just had to. rant mode off.

    • wow and people call me a bitter old man! lol

      I think the appeal is that even if you are along playing 19 year old games, at least you aren’t doing it alone. the achievement thing is just some outgrowth of how boomers destroyed western civ, by making everyone a ‘winner’ for the most trivial accomplishments… But that is the tip of my rant there!

      Although for unadulterated game play that is why I got a model 1 genesis & model 1 CD player. Even though I play it on a flat screen TV and pipe it out my SONY receiver out my polk speakers (phew name dropping for no reason.. lol ) for no reason other than I couldn’t afford stuff like that as a kid in 1992-1993 as my family had lost pretty much everything and we were forced to move to a different country (although it was more falling ‘up’ for me anyways)..

      But I guess it all depends on what you are looking for, maybe it’d be great to get some old Sears 27″ tube TV that weighs a hundred + pounds, and piping the ‘stereo’ sound out some craptastic boombox ..

      I still have most of my CD’s, several hundred of them in boxes in my shed (how is that for sounding old?) and it is nice to say hey, I’ve got a bigger disk, maybe I’ll re-rip everything as 128kb or 256.. although I guess now I have enough space to just make 1:1 copies on my disk.

      App stores are just for lazy people… the netflix of software vendors. But it is the wave of the future because of impluse purchasing!

      Sometimes I hate the future.

      I gotta start playing with a 68000 C compiler and do something already.

      • i’m not this bitter most of the time. hell, i’m only 25. it’s just that this whole thing happened so fast. in the last 5 years or so..

        there are quite a few merits in today’s technology. i just can’t scrape off the feeling that it’s wasted or used.. improperly, e.g. with the power of today’s graphics hardware it’s sad to see most of the cycles go to waste. imagine putting all this power into the hands of the say.. early ’90s amiga game devs (anyone remember psygnosis?).

        maybe the more the possibilities are, the less creative we get; real geniuses often arise from harsh environments. or it’s just the popularisation of a platform is what really spoils it in the end.

        anyway, enough of my philosophising.. i like the way you think, and it’s certainly nice to feel that i’m not alone.

        • 68k c compiler? it would be awesome to see some posts on that. i’m recently diving into the world of micro-controllers, and i’m thoroughly enjoying it. 🙂

          • I’m torn between the animal that is GCC (the 900pound gorilla of C compilers) and Sozobon… I’ve built it before and used it on some embedded m68k thing, but I want to find the source to a variant for the Genesis and use that….

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