Some more retro hardware, the Sega CD model 1

So while not emulation, its the real thing, I was really excited to buy some $50 worth of misc SEGA genesis bits, and to find there was a model 1 CD player in there!  It didn’t want to spin disks, and I hope I didn’t break the tray loader trying to look inside, but it now plays discs!!!

So I know it isn’t much but I’ve been busy getting killed in Sonic-CD.  Speaking of which I kept on hearing that its going to be released for iOS but I haven’t seen it yet.  But no matter, I have the real thing now!

2 thoughts on “Some more retro hardware, the Sega CD model 1

  1. Wow. A CD, that’s a new one.
    I had the first version of Sega Mega Drive (I guess they only called it ‘genesis’ in America) with oldschool cartridges. I kicked butt.
    Played around with some emulators, a while back, as well as NES and SNES ones… sigh it’s just not the same..

  2. yeah this didn’t see such a great release world wide.. first there was massive demand, but it is a single speed device with 512kb of ram… the size of a ‘moderate’ sega cartridge… most good games were 768kb, the maximum was 4MB..

    Did I mention the drive is single speed, that means seeks were 800ms, and transfer was ~ 150k/sec… so horrible!!!

    FMV video was almost out of the question, although going thru the stack of CD’s I got with it, the power rangers (ugh) actually pulled it off.. Well about as well as a 12Mhz 68000 could.

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