Super Mario for the Sega Genesis

I recently came across this article which touched on this forum post.  Last year, Mairtrus had written a program that took the 6502 code from SMB on the NES, and generated 68000 instructions that would in turn run on the SEGA Megadrive/Genesis.

I”ve got to say it really is impressive!  If you search for MULS_1.4.2.BIN you will probably find it, as the original download links are long dead…

Mario on Sega

At the same time I’ve got to admit I’m really impress by Kega Fusion 3.64 which can play SMS, Genesis, Sega CD & 32x programs! From what I can tell it is derived from gens which is open source.

While I’m waiting for my SegaCD to show up, I am pretty sure that there is zero copy protection and some ways out there to homebrew the thing… So I can’t promise much but I sure hope to write something goofy for the Genesis.. From what I gather the CD unit gives you 512kb of ram to use.. And of course you can load more stuff from CD.  I’m sure it’ll be an interesting experience….

4 thoughts on “Super Mario for the Sega Genesis

    • well… look @ retrobsd .. 512kb of storage (ROM ok..?) and 128kb of ram…

      A stock genesis couldn’t do it, but the Sega-CD (Mega-CD) could, as could the 32x …The 1st gen genesis/megadrives had a 9pin serial port so a TTY could be done over that…. Was there ever a keyboard attachment for the genesis?

        • wasn’t the 6502 a glorified microcontroller? I haven’t torn apart retrobsd to see if it uses MMU style stuff which a stock 68000 obviously won’t have…

          I guess the ‘hard’ part is that a genesis & it’s expansion seems to act like separate machines.. I don’t think the 32x can see the sega-cd’s 512kb of ram, although I have to wonder as there clearly was 32x CD games. Likewise I have no idea if it’d be possible to boot from cartridge, init the CD, and use it’s RAM/CD?

          I guess I should just get my hands dirty and see what happens.

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