Qemu 0.13 for GNS3

So I’ve been playing with GNS3 here and there and the #1 thing that is annoying is of course how difficult it is to deal with the CAD problem (Control Alt Delete) esp when dealing with anything Windows NT based.  So I’ve taken my SDL keyboard patches, “fixed” the NE2000 (although enabling that is another story) and made my build available here.

Of course the real work, adding in the UDP networking was done on the GNS user forums, but it sure is nice to be able to quickly login to a test Windows 2000 AD setup…  I don’t know if it’ll interest the rest of you but I thought it was pretty neat.

Now what would be really cool would be to take the ‘Ethernet hub’ of GNS3, and make it into a service, alter Qemu to generate a random MAC and make a real distributed network…. Another thing would be a way to take SLIRP and merge it with the NetUDP to make some kind of real world ‘NAT’ type thing.  Although I guess I could always add some extra flags to the Qemu process to include a second NIC and set it up for ‘user’ networking … something like “ -net nic,model=pcnet,vlan=1 -net user,vlan=1” to add an AMD PCNet card that talks to the ‘user’ or NAT networking component…

A super simple network with OS/2 Qemu!

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