Someone had mentioned dinosaurs …


Once upon a time Novell had been an unstoppable force.  Then something happened they stopped innovating, and laughed as a ‘desktop’ unix killer did just that and ate the mid range/server PC market.

With all that’s been happening to RIM and all the cash they are sitting on I wonder if they’ll end up like Novell.

Time will tell no doubt.



4 thoughts on “Someone had mentioned dinosaurs …

  1. I’ve been searching for this bitmap everywhere, and finally found it! Thanks! I remember seeing it at my dad’s office when I was a kid… 15 years later the Novell cube is still haunting me 🙂

    • Heh I remember having to use it as a bitmap because some ‘mucky muck’ thought it was neat and had to load it EVERYWHERE… 100’s of PCs and everyone had to stare at this thing.. Happy days when we could get rid of it, as it ironically played hell with Windows 3.1’s resources…

      I found this on a 486 I bought for $20… So what is sadder is that the prior owner was actually using Netware!

  2. Wow, even though the utter collapse and failure of RIM was indeed so utterly obvious (I used to commute to Waterloo ON all the time from 2003-2012) and I have to say having been there during both the iPhone unavailing, and a week after launch back in 2007 it was pretty obvious that this was the disruption event, but ‘mega corps’ like Microsoft and RIM were so caught off guard, that their absolute arrogance quickly led to them becoming irrelevant, bankrupt.

    Back after the NeXT reverse merger it felt like enterprise was the future of any big company. SUN was on the edge, and Apple unexpectedly didn’t pick them, up, instead WebObjects was depreciated and the Apple server products were being phased out, or discouraged. And why? There is no money in enterprise computing.

    Apple makes far more in the appstore and iTunes than any CRM, or business application. And hell parts & sourcing are cheap enough if a company wants a vertical app, it’s cheaper to just make your own thing. But why bother, when there is Android or Apple?

    I’d love to say I called it on day one, but I didn’t write it down. I guess it felt too obvious, but funny enough I did write it down on this netware post.

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