Sorry for the outage.

But the people I rent this VM from have had troubles.  I know it kind of feels like that week long blogger outage all over again…. 😐

But I do like these guys in that they are far more open & honest about what is going on.

For the two or three people that care, their report on the outage is here.

Since we are running on some kind of USB dongal it is a hint that more outages are about to be ahead… I guess the hint here is to BACK UP!… So let’s hope this Uncle Joe’s EZPC OCB is going to work.. !

2 thoughts on “Sorry for the outage.

  1. Sorry for my English.
    Thanks for that you compile QEMU on Windows and share builds. Thanks! 🙂
    Don’t stop it. QEMU forever! 🙂

  2. No problem, I do love Qemu as well! It’s only a shame that it cannot run x64 versions of Windows anymore… Otherwise it’s the greatest!

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