The ‘cisco’ music on hold.

In the off chance you want your asterisk phone switch to sound like a cisco…


Turns out it’s by Darrick A. Deel and Tim Carleton, and it’s called Opus Number 1.  It was recorded in Tim’s garage some time in the late 1980’s.  Darrick works for cisco so it found it’s way into cisco’s call manager.

Phew that was interesting, wasn’t it?

*UPDATE* For those of you interested, a stereo copy has been located!  I have more information here!

13 thoughts on “The ‘cisco’ music on hold.

    • When I heard the intro for the show I knew it was going to be this piece of music.
      I’ve enjoyed it on hold quite a few time and always enjoyed it.
      Cant seem to copy the TAL download. Is it for purchase?
      iTunes maybe?

  1. Same where when I heard on tal the guy lived this hold music I knew this was it.

    For those
    Asking about downloading tal they are on iTunes and you can buy a tal app for 3 bucks that has every episode.

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