This is more of a ‘network virtualization’ thing but I LOVE the RDP protocol.  The issue is when you connect to Linux/UNIX machines they don’t talk RDP it’s either VNC or X11.. and that. well. is a PITA.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could somehow interface RDP to a private X11 server?

Enter XRDP.

And let me say, if you have UNIX machines with Windows people that need to get involved (Say Oralce on Linux) and what a nightmare it would be to roll out cygwin or some other incredibly complicated thing to rollout, it’ll be a zillion times easier to just let them RDP to the machine.


Loin screen

And of course the desktop

XRDP Desktop

Isn’t that just AWESOME?

Anyways just to spread the word.

4 thoughts on “XRDP

  1. It is actually possible to compile it on Windows (0.3.0 version AFAIR compiles more-or-less on free Borland 5.5 C++ compiler). Of course, it won’t mirror Windows desktop as it does on linux, but rdp & vnc transports are supported.

    Why carry coals to Newcastle, you may ask, as Windows has RDP service?

    Well, with xrdp it is possible to create sort of ‘gateway’ – add multiple RDP/VNC machines and then select one after connection. Interesting bonus is lack of RDP-targeted attacks (like recent schannel bug which is remotely exploitable). Not to mention that xrdp could be more or less safely left on default RDP port, which important in cases like PocketPC 2003 mstsc.exe where you cannot use non-default port (moreover, as of 0.3.0 version, it seems to hang when both username and password is provided, therefore all worms trying to guess password just hangs).

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