Some follow up on Stacker

From my OS/2 experiments before I roll it out… 
  • It only supports FAT.
  • Maximum of 2GB ‘compressed’ drives
  • Swapping drive letters assumes 1 disk 1 volume
  • You create the compressed disks in DOS

So, since I’m thinking of BBS space, I can leave part of the disk uncompressed for zip’s then the compresses partition for databases & doors.

I guess the thing to keep in mind is that 1991-1994 2GB disks were not in the hands of your average user.. And the idea of using that much storage seemed crazy.  It’s a shame they did that deal with Microsoft and basically got pushed out of the market.  It’s a shame that the OS/2 product doesn’t actually run on OS/2, nor support HPFS.  The idea of bigger disks, and long file names would have been nice.
Oh well I guess that is how the older stuff dies out.

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