Installing OS/2 2.0 on VMware ESXi 4.0

Well the good news is that it works… mostly.

The install is SUPER tedious through the console with mounting and ejecting diskettes. But I was able to do all of that from the comfort of my home on a VPS that does VMWare,

The great thing about OS/2 is that IBMINT13.I13 driver. I’m pretty sure trying to find a suitably old “LSI Logic SAS” driver may be quite difficult, but as long as the adapter does good old interrupt 13 services, OS/2 can drive it.

So with OS/2 2.0 installed, then updated, and TCP/IP installed I thought things would work as there actually is e1000 drivers floating around for OS/2…. Except all I get is a trap and death.


Trap 0006.  Talk about a bummer.

From some minor googling around it seems it’s a known issue, with no current fix.


So close, and yet so far away

Oh well.

** UPDATE in all likely hood all that is required is the unofficial update XR_B108, for OS/2 2.1 which apparently works with networking on VMware Player.

2 thoughts on “Installing OS/2 2.0 on VMware ESXi 4.0

  1. Uh…

    IBM OS/2 LAN Adapter and Protocol Support
    Version 2.13 Component ID 562125303
    Current CSD level: WR06000
    Prior CSD level: WR06000

    IBM OS/2 32-bit Graphics Engine
    Version 2.01.1 Component ID 562107701
    Type 0
    Current CSD level: XR02010
    Prior CSD level: XR02000

    IBM OS/2 Base Operating System
    Version 2.00 Component ID 562107701
    Type 0
    Current CSD level: XR06100
    Prior CSD level: XR02000

    TCP/IP BASE for OS/2 2.0 and 2.1
    Version 2.00 Component ID 562208600
    Current CSD level: UN64092
    Prior CSD level: UN56401

    Yes I am actually running OS/2 2.0 … let me know if you’ve got any practical ideas.. I’ll try the driver tomorrow.

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