Upgrading through OS/2; Version 3.0 aka Warp

Well the time has come to install OS/2 Warp.  But first a quick commercial:

It’s not secret that this is regarded as one of the worst advertising campaigns in the history of the world.  Watch it and remember this ad aired on American TV.  If you want to alienate people first speak to them in a foreign language that they have no hope of understanding.  Next get people who clearly are not users of that product to promote it.  And finally… DON’T SHOW THE PRODUCT.

Nobody wanted to get ‘warped’.  After all warped rotors cost people a LOT of money.. Bad connotations, you know.  But apparently nobody with any common sense asked what the hell was this crap.

Anyways, let’s go and do the upgrade.

Old blue, forever there…. forever… IBM.

Oh what’s this?  A new boot logo! Clearly this isn’t OS/2 2.x!

I can feel the excitement already!  So I’m going to take the easy way out, right? It should.. keep my printer, keep my applications, and get me warped right!?

The best part about Warp is that it supports IDE CDROMs out of the box! Outside of the boot disks, no more floppy shuffle!

And tragedy struck.

Well of course I have a greater then 35MB disk, Invalid Base Product Level?  What is so wrong with OS/2 2.11?  I have a bad feeling my OS/2 3.0 CD is one of the ‘red spine’ varieties that includes no Win-OS/2 support but rather relied on the user to provide a regular copy of Windows 3.1 … And for some reason it won’t upgrade a prior Win-OS/2 installation.

Oh well.  I’ll have to dig around some more for a ‘red’ spine copy of Warp 3 …

I guess for now this is a ‘work in progress’.. but I’ll get OS/2 all the way to 4!

—- Edit

Some kind person sent me some disk images, so onward to Warp 3!

5 thoughts on “Upgrading through OS/2; Version 3.0 aka Warp

  1. Yeah I thought for sure I had a blue spine copy… I remember back then I had a red spine copy and all the hubhub about bad disks or something with the initial shipment, but mine worked… Then later as everyone else gave up on OS/2 I was given a bunch of blue spine boxes…. I wonder if there is a way to force red over a full OS/2 2.1 ?

    • Good old warp. Well actually I hated the UI changes. Honestly I still run 2.0 now that having win32s is meaningless.

      2.0 runs 16bit os/2 stuff and msdos so well it really is the pinnacle of early 1990s computing

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