ISA Cirrus Logic for Qemu

So after some annoyance with control-alt-delete in Qemu, I figured I’d try to tackle another thing that’s been driving me nuts, which is no ISA Cirrus video card.

This is a far cry from restoring the -M isapc in Qemu but it’s a step in the right direction. I guess the IDE is the only big thing to do next (I haven’t even looked) but anyways… babysteps.

So why would you want this? Well if you have an ancient non PCI supported OS (Windows 95) you have to suffer through the standard VGA because the Cirrus mapping won’t work. Sure you can load the PCI driver set, but as I found out with the ДЕМОС/DEMOS & Russian thing, it won’t load on Windows 95 Russian.

So I’ve updated the Qemu 0.14.0 download (again). And here is the gobbed up diff that I’m working from that changes the keyboard to support more ancient stuff from Royatm, moves the ne2000 ISA to 0x300 IRQ 3 (like the real thing). I’ve also put the AdLib sound card back in (why is it optional?) so you can have sb16,adlib sounds. It also includes ctrl-alt-delete as Control+Alt+d and now addes -vga isacirrus.

Anyways, my mangled Qemu 0.14.0 download is here.

Oh one more tip, for Windows if the hardware cursor doesn’t work, and your mouse is a white square, turn on mouse trails, then set it for the shortest setting. This way it forces the mouse to be blitted normally, and it’ll look fine.

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