AMD PCNet with Netware 3.12

Well I found out that the AMD PCnet driver will work on Netware 3.12 on Qemu 0.9.0 with a little cajoling. So to switch from the NE2000, I first downloaded the following files:


From odi33g.exe, copy out the following files to your server directory


Your server directory should contain…


Then configure your autoexec.ncf like this…

load c:\server.312\msm31x
load c:\server.312\pcntnw slot=2 frame=ETHERNET_II
bind ipx to pcntnw net=c0ffcab
load c:\server.312\nw4-idle

I’m not sure about the speed, but the idle NLM is fantastic, it means that your VM won’t run at 100% cpu…

Wasn’t that fun?

2 thoughts on “AMD PCNet with Netware 3.12

  1. Got his working on VirtualBox; I downloaded odi33g.exe and copied the contents to C:\SERVER.312. I then used INSTALL to insert a product from C:\SERVER.312\SERVER.

    Couldn’t find the nw4-idle.nlm but I have no probs with VM utilisation anyway.

    Thanks for bringing back great memories 🙂

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