ATA (IDE) driver for Windows CE 3.0

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Well I went hunting through all my junk, and I did manage to find Windows CE Platform Builder 3.0 on CD… all 14 of them! It’s amazing something that generates such small OS images, is so massive!!!!

Anyways, I did a BUNCH of stupid bugfixes on the ATA driver, as Windows CE 3.0 likes to transfer in big blocks resulting in all kinds of buffer overruns, and memory traps. So with that stuff cross compiled from the CE 2.11 Platform builder it’s happily running on CE 2.11 & 3.0

So for the 2 or 3 people interested, you can get my driver here.

I guess I ought to up it to sourceforge, I’ll think about it later.

For anyone that wants to test, here is the genned Windows CE 3.0 image, along with the loader. It works great on Qemu, as long as you setup an ISA NE2000 on 0x320 and IRQ 10.

I feel a lot better about this version of the driver, as I’ve been able to download stuff from the internet (CE 3.0 includes IE!) and boot back to MS-DOS, and unzip and run stuff… So that’s a MAJOR plus!!!!

3 thoughts on “ATA (IDE) driver for Windows CE 3.0

  1. I need to leave this somewhere but the help in loadcepc is WRONG, to set resolution it’s like this:

    loadcepc /v /e:300:5 /l:1600x1200x8 eboot.bin

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