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Well I was looking for a good way to see what changed between Net/2, 386BSD 0.0 and 386BSD 0.1 and it appears that nobody has a cvsweb of these early versions….

What is strange, is that cvsweb package for debian is lacking the actual cgi file.. So after going insane with cvsweb, I set one up.


I’ve never really setup a CVS repository before so this was my first shot…

rm -rf /var/lib/cvs
mkdir -p /var/lib/cvs
cvs -d /var/lib/cvs init
cd /var/www/unix.superglobalmegacorp.com/source/Net2
cvs -d /var/lib/cvs import -m “Net/2” Net2 CSRG Net2
cd /var/www/unix.superglobalmegacorp.com/source/386BSD-0.0
cvs -d /var/lib/cvs import -m “386BSD 0.0” Net2 BJolitz Jolix00
cd /var/www/unix.superglobalmegacorp.com/source/386BSD-0.1
cvs -d /var/lib/cvs import -m “386BSD 0.1” Net2 BJolitz Jolix01
cd /var/www/unix.superglobalmegacorp.com/source/NetBSD-0.8
cvs -d /var/lib/cvs import -m “NetBSD 0.8” Net2 NetBSD NetBSD08
cd /var/www/unix.superglobalmegacorp.com/source/NetBSD-0.9
cvs -d /var/lib/cvs import -m “NetBSD 0.9” Net2 NetBSD NetBSD09 

From what I saw the more the directories align, the better, so I moved all the i386 and other platform stuff into arch directories to better match NetBSD 0.9 …

I also setup src2html to browse various levels, it’s great for quickly finding things that may have moved… It’s here.

Now I just have to see about doing ‘forks’ in CVS and adding in the 4.4 lite stuff.

6 thoughts on “Old Unix tree’s

  1. CVS is, simply stated, outdated and nearly unusable. If you really want a centralized repository for some causing anal pain for everyone, use svn. Otherwise, take a look at hg/git.

  2. What I want is some nice web interface to easily look at changes between versions….

    NetBSD uses this cvsweb thing, so that hinges on… CVS. I'm not forking Net/2 for my own needs so I really don't care about how 'unusable' it is for everyone because it's only for a UI.

    What are some other good web based code browsers that are easy to setup??

    And while minnie has some ancient stuff, it's missing the whole Net/2 386BSD, NetBSD & FreeBSD early forks… Not to mention pulling all that traffic from Australia can be painfully slow from time to time.

  3. CVS is fine.
    I still use RCS on a daily basis, to store my shell functions.
    Only a young insecure code monkey would criticise CVS.

    Incredible. You go through the effort to share something interesting and someone criticises you for using CVS. There wouldn't be an SVN if not for CVS.
    If you never used SCCS or RCS then you cannot criticise CVS. It works fine.

  4. I think some people get so worked up on the key word searches they do, that they don't even read what on earth it is for.

    But then that's how some people operate, they don't read they just search and Oh look a CVS user let me 'enlighten them', not even reading that I'm using CVS because some presentation programs depend on CVS as a backend.

    Oh well such is life.

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