Qemu 0.13.0 for Win32

Another thing to ‘fix’ in addition to the 0.13.0rc1 is this..

qemu-char.c:2092: undefined reference to `qemu_chr_open_fd’

I just commented out line 2092. I’m not sure what the deal is, as the sparc boots up solaris 2.6 just as it always has (with the same syslog/vold issues… )

Anyways, as always the i386/x64 ONLY binaries are here:

And the whole package is here, which includes the i386/x64 support.

Let me stress for those of you clicking like wild that if you are just emulating a typical pc you only need the much smaller download… As for the rest, well you know the deal.

I’ve also built this out on my mac, but it’s x86_64, so you 32bit people would be out of luck.. I’m not sure if I could do a multiple arch build in one shot, or use lipo to just glue them together???

I donno.

Qemu-0.13.0 MIPS - NT 4

Anyways, I’ve tested Solaris 2.6 (SPARC) and NT 4.0 (MIPS) so I imagine everything else is ok….

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