Qemu version 0.13.0 rc1

Qemu version 0.13rc1 has now been released!

I’ve found two issues so far when building on Windows… In the file vnc-enc-tight.c I’ve had to add the following line to the top:

typedef unsigned int uint;

And the next being in the file ui/sdl.c

The MinGW environment doesn’t seem to allow the setenv call, so I just remove the lines…

if (!full_screen) {

One other thing I’ve done is modified the hw/pc.c and removed the 0x300/irq 9 NE2000 NIC, as there is some IRQ conflict on number 9…

At any rate, I’ll provide binaries for Windows users, a x86 only package is here, while the larger ‘full’ package is here.

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