Win32 to be dropped from Qemu?

From an anonymous posting on here, I heard about this:

since several months, QEMU for Windows (and mingw32 cross builds)
no longer builds without error.

I suspect that the same is true for QEMU on Darwin (lots of errors like
darwin-user/qemu.h:149: error: cast to pointer from integer of different size),
but I’m not sure here because I have no valid Darwin test environment.
Maybe someone can test this.

What about these environments? They have no maintainers.
Should they be marked as unsupported? Are they still used?
Or should they be removed?

Man, I sure hope it’s not the end of the road for Windows hosts running Qemu….

2 thoughts on “Win32 to be dropped from Qemu?

  1. AFAIK the windows build is fixed meanwhile.

    TBH I think the part of discussion you quoted above is just a part of some political game. They are trying to find among the derived projects someone who would care enough to contribute.

  2. Well that's a relief… I figured the odds of dropping the most popular desktop platform seemed like a tad crazy of a thing to do….

    I guess since all the dev is on linux, and the windows support for the most part works fine it's been left to that….

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