Mini Vmac’s Macintosh II

While browsing around, it came to my attention that the great project Mini vMac‘s Macintosh II emulation has now progressed to the point where it can actually start running stuff!

So I downloaded it, searched high & low for the necessary files, and was booting in no time!

mini vmac 26 boot

mini vmac 26 boot

While it’s not as full featured as Basilisk II, it is a *LOT* smaller, and easier to work with. By default it’ll emulate a Macintosh II with 8 MB of ram. Hard disks & floppies are only supported through the shim method of the older Mini vMac, so you can just drag & drop your images onto the screen. I tested it with an old game I had floating around on my Mac SE30 Space Quest…

mini vmac 26 space quest

mini vmac 26 space quest

And it runs well enough.

Over all I have to say it’s easy to use, very responsive, and just GREAT!

If you have a need for 68000 MAC programs, you may want to give this one a shot… And it’s so small, the Win32 binary is 144kb!!!

2 thoughts on “Mini Vmac’s Macintosh II

  1. verb/noun/modifier? Looks like sq version for Mac was quite different from the one for PCs. In the PC version (original one, not the remake) you had to type things.

  2. They wanted to let you play with the mouse, as back then mice were not standard equipment with PC's… and they were pretty expensive! I remember that the first mouse I bought cost as much as Windows 3.0!!!

    I remember the Amiga versions of Sierra games were big on the mouse as well but you can type in them all.

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