WineVDM 0.5.0 released!

This version has MANY issues fixed, and is capable of running more and more Win16 software on Win64 based OS’s.

Printing on paper!

One of the more exciting things is that as long as I do a print setup first, I can actually print on a new printer from MS Word 2.0c!

You can download it from the releases page here:

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11 thoughts on “WineVDM 0.5.0 released!”

  1. I was able to print directly to a PDF using the official Adobe PDF driver from Write. No crashes at all. Meanwhile, Jezzball still segfaults on load.

    In other news, looks like Program Manager works well enough now to serve as a program launcher for Win16 programs.

    1. A commit was just added which should fix xps printing.

      Where can i find jezzball? Not that i can do much about it, lol other than staging tests.

      Ive been focusing on productivity apps, since I’ve had issuess at work where they are going to pull office, and if that is the case while everyone is struggling with google apps id much rather fall all the way back to Word 2, and Excel 3. Both of which I picked up for $20 USD.

        1. SReg Load (039dabe7): Segment is not a data segment or readable code segment.

          Sounds like that kind of simcity thing of trying to use memory after it’s been de-allocated..

          1. It also fixes crashing with all the Microsoft Arcade games. Now to figure out why Jezzball has no sound (yes the game has sound in the form of a few wav files).

            1. I’d check what version of Windows you are setting it to, some apps respond VERY differently depending on the version. The default is 3.95 aka Windows 95, which I’ve found for older stuff just isn’t right.

              Also you may need an actual copy of Windows 3.0 or 3.1 into the winevdm\windows tree….

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