Run Windows 2000 in your browser!

You can check it out here:

For me it took 5 minutes and about 25MB to boot to the UI.  I didn’t see anything about making your own disk images, so looks like it’s locked to FreeDOS, Linux and Windows 2000.

19 thoughts on “Run Windows 2000 in your browser!

  1. Hey,
    I like your blog, im recently into virtualization as well, recently set up a dedicated server for libvirt (which in itself is a nice tool, imo way better than all the other qemu frontends/launchers)

    If you want to load your own images there’s “Vritual x86” here:

    Happy hacking

    • I saw mention of v86, and went to try it out. Oddly enough it’ll load the OS/2 2.x kernel but seems to lock beyond printing the banner. sigh.

      I did use an old diskette with MS-DOS 3.30a along with Windows/386. There is some VGA corruption, but it really does work. Image here. I’ll have to write something on this one thanks!

      Personally because I’m old, I prefer to run Qemu directly behind screen. I’ve always found things in the middle of apps get out of sync quickly and obscure features that I may want. So many also ignore stuff like other CPU types of Qemu, which I never liked, as sometimes I do like having a SPARC hanging around as wanted.

      • For x86_64 qemu with KVM enables works wonders.
        I also have a working (finally) solaris setup under qemu-sparc. Its very, to say, retro. Lots of fun, now if only i knew how to make use of it 😛

  2. I kinda love this idea!

    I managed to run Windows 2000 off of my FAT32 formatted 32 GB flash drive on VMware Workstation Player 14. It’s a ONN unit with the model number ONA16AA017 and I purchased it at Walmart! :B

    For Windows NT 4.0, you’ll probably need to get a 2 GB or 4 GB FAT16-formatted flash drive. NT 4.0 uses an old version of NTFS and is not recognised correctly under newer versions of Windows.

  3. How can I get the VM to use my computer’s internet connection to browse the internet or upload or download files on the VM from my Computer (I am using a Macbook the Way) ?

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