NeXTSTEP in your browser!

Well, kind of.



It’s a Docker containers running Previous, that you connect to with noVNC in your browser.  So it’s a legacy system thing on demand!  I had tried to do something like this ages ago with SIMH on demand, but I broke it all when I installed apache on OS/2 to make the bbs url self hosting.

The mouse control is insanely offtrack, but this does present an interesting possibility of bringing back an OS museum / zoo thing.

Also worth mentioning that they do offer MacOS!

2 thoughts on “NeXTSTEP in your browser!

  1. That’s really neat! It’s certainly a nicer (though much more expensive) way then porting everything to Javascript!

    I was wondering how they communicated to the client to tell it what to load up; whether it’s some kind of script or a modification to emulator. Nope, much simpler – but still very clever. Each browser has a proxy server configured, and the proxy server does the redirect (as well as the nice integration with So no matter what page they initially try to visit, they’ll be redirected the selected page.

    My only complaint is that the Windows browsers are via WINE, so not quite the true experience, but probably close enough. I wonder how hard it would be to add the Amiga, Acorn, BeOS and OS/2…

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