I really can’t add anything to this excellent resource for preserving the LVDC!

Note that this is NOT the Apollo guidance, rather this is the IBM provided ballistic launch programs. As told, it’d be a terrible ICBM program as it’s geared towards getting payloads into orbit, such as Skylab & Apollo.

And I really cannot add anything as I’m not an american citizen:

We’re currently treating LVDC code as if it is restricted for export from the U.S. by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).  If you legally qualify as a “U.S. person” and can provide evidence of that status, contact us directly to arrange to receive a copy of the code.
From the ibibilo page

Well at least it’s not completely lost as the last time I checked on this, all the LVDC’s were at the bottom of the ocean, and no printouts survived. At least some printouts have been found.

All I can do is call attention to it.

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