Come meet Tenox & check out the NT RISC collection over at VCF

Billed as “NT RISC: Windows NT on RISC machines. Alpha, MIPS, PowerPC, Itanium.”, the exhibit demonstrates a lot of work in sourcing & restoring the machines. The exhibit features:

  • DEC AXPpc 150 “Jensen” running Windows NT 3.1 AXP
  • DEC PWS 500 “Miata”, running W2K axp64 (64bit!)
  • DEC UDB “Multia”, running NT 3.51 AXP
  • Motorola PowerStack, 4unning NT 4.0 PPC
  • Motorola VME 1600 running NT 4.0 PPC
  • NetPower Fast MP NT 4.0 running NT 4.0 MIPS
  • DeskStation Tyne, running NT 4.0 MIPS
  • DeskStation Raptor Reflex

And yes, we’ve even had a few celebs pass by!

Dave Plummer and Chris Walker (ex-Microsoft)

Tenox will be there all day Saturday at the The Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA, 1401 N Shoreline Blvd, Mountain View, CA 94043.

exhibit #16

H’es located at tables 37-38, exhibit 16.

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Update: big thanks to @amarioguy and @ryaxnb for help during the exhibit!

4 thoughts on “Come meet Tenox & check out the NT RISC collection over at VCF

  1. Was the NetPower MP the only Multiprocessor of the RISC PC exhibition?
    Hopefully someday a PPC Powerized MX (the only known OpenFirmware driven PPC compatible with NT) can join the collection. That one or the legendary Indigo prototype which could boot NT.

    • Yes sadly. Everything else single CPU. I should probably get a dual CPU Alpha, but I have too many alphas. Can you tell more about PPC Powerized MX and the Indigo prototype with NT support?

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