Much regrets to all my loyal fans

It’s come to that point where I’m basically forced to either step up and do a patreon and beg for money, or go the other way and passively shill for ads.

I’ve gone for plan b.

It’s annoying and yeah I know. It sucks.

This trip has… been a challenge, and I have a stack of unfinished crap I need to push out, but frankly i’ve been too lazy to do it.

Maybe I’ll call it depression as it’s more dressed up and sexy.

Anyways I now have far too much kit where I wanted 3 max, and now I have like far too many. Time to get busy with my Chinese soldering iron, patch up some stuff, and get some of this out of the door.

Anyways yeah, people not using blockers will see the ads.

Also today was frought with additional money stress so yeah.. let’s hope this meets in the middle passively.

11 thoughts on “Much regrets to all my loyal fans

  1. The thing this generation sadly doesn’t get on here is that turning ad block off (air quotes) Even for your site (end quote) is that all it takes is ONE bad Chinese spyware in a third party ad and they have your computer info forever AND it all goes to the CCP people at some point in the chain of command.

    The bad spyware from China/Russia/Islam any country that hates the western world isn’t necessarily even coming from this site it could be a timed trigger or some other hidden way that the author may not be aware of. They have very sneaky ways now to do things and the sick thing is the US Government’s computers all use China’s virus scanner (Norton) Though some have moved on to Linux based systems.

    I believe many nuclear power plants switched over instead of doing Windows + Norton after the Windows 8 Fiasco.

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