New Amiga trojan spotted on Aminet

I guess this is what happens when people have the time to be bored.

Meet the Jackal. No doubt with it’s C.O.R.O.N.A.! payload it’s here because of recent events that normally people censor themselves from talking about because our Silicon Valley overlords have decided that us commoners cannot discuss it, for fear of upsetting unpaid and utterly corrupt people headquartered in New York City.

So at the risk of being de-ranked, here we go!

Jan Anderson has a writeup over on giving a few details. 2284 bytes for something like this sounds awfully big. What happened to the 512 byte boot sector stuff?

     Trojan name... : Jackal dropper
     Trojan file... : vprot10
     Trojan size... : 1884 bytes (packed with CrunchMania)
                    : 2284 bytes (unpacked)
     Trojan archive : vprot.lha
     Archive size.. : 4.322 bytes
     Archive info.. : * Small utility that stays in background and detects
                        any change on resident memory vectors. Very easy to
                        use. Just put VPROTECT in your startup-sequence file
                      * Doesn't work from Workbench.
                      * TIP: if you click both mouse buttons on VPROTECT
                        window it will scan resident memory vectors again. 
                        If nothing happends memory is ok.
                      * Not tested on KS higher than 1.3
                                                               Johan Jyllson

You can find the post about it over on Aminet, giving some idea of the containment of this thing.

On the other hand, despite the ‘end of the world vibe’ I keep getting from people not in HK, it’s nice to see some life once more again in the Amiga!

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