So Fallout 76 came to steam

So yeah if you linked your account to your steam account it’ll transfer it over. I guess to their credit it links your saves and all that.

I loaded it, against my better judgement. And 55GB later they have finally updated it to have NPC’s! But it’s still online, and despite having a commercial internet connection with synchronous up/down it’s still super laggy, and suffers from the damage from after the fact artifacts on launch.

Seriously my internet connection isn’t that crap. No doubt I’m playing on servers on the other side of the planet, but of course you still cannot select what server to join.

Even with an i7 9th gen and a RTX-2070 the game still chops and texture pops.


One thought on “So Fallout 76 came to steam

  1. I’ve pre-buyed this game… and played so few….
    The game was buggy and not really optimized…

    Bethesda definitively shouldn’t code game, they should write them… after reflection, they actually do that, because the engine was the same as oblivion (or even back to morrowind ????) and was never rebuild from scratch (they could use unreal engine, cry engine or any commercial engine instead of this outdated one…. :()

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