We Can Remember your electric sheep for you Wholesale, prices start at $8.99

Somehow I missed it, that GOG had managed to snag the rights right after November 2019, and released the most excellent Westwood studio’s version of Blade Runner! It’s currently on sale for $8.99!

Also included is a bunch of concept art from the film!

Naturally it’s using ScummVM to run the game, instead of the horribly broken Windows 95 specific executables from 22 years ago.

While starting up the game it dumps this:

Blade Runner

    From the dark recesses of David Leary's imagination comes a game unlike any
    other. Blade Runner immerses you in the underbelly of future Los Angeles.             
    Right from the start, the story pulls you in with graphic descriptions of a
    grandmother doing the shimmy in her underwear, child molestation, brutal
    cold-blooded slaying of innocent animals, vomiting on desks, staring at a
    woman's ass, the list goes on. And when the game starts, the real fun begins -   shoot down-on-their-luck homeless people and toss them into a dumpster. Watch
    with sadistic glee as a dog gets blown into chunky, bloody, bits by an
    explosive, and even murder a shy little girl who loves you. If you think 
    David Leary is sick, and you like sick, this is THE game for you.

    JW: Don't forget the wasting of helpless mutated cripples in the underground.
    It's such a beautiful thing!

    DL: Go ahead.  Just keep beating that snarling pit bull...ignore the foam
    around his jaws. There's room on the top shelf of my fridge for at least one
    more head... - Psychotic Dave

    MG: Is David Leary a self-respecting human or is he powered by rechargeable

    JM: Chrome...is that what that is?
    JM: It's hard to imagine that thing on either a car or a horse.
    MG: McCoy! What a witty chap...
    JM: He keeps me chuckling non-stop!

    JM: That McCoy--he's one funny guy! Jet-black fire truck, hehehehe...


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