WRP 3.0 Beta ready for testing

(This is a guest post from Antoni Sawicki aka Tenox)

I have released WRP 3.0 for testing. It’s currently a browser-in-browser server rather than a true proxy, but that’s in the works. Please try it out and let me know. Usage instructions are on the main github project page.

Today using trickery I was able to login to my reddit account from Mosaic:

Update: just added the missing image quantizer so that the color number input box actually does something useful. Now you can browse porn even with 16 colors:

One thought on “WRP 3.0 Beta ready for testing

  1. You should know better than to promote CUDA… and Apple knows better than to buy into it as well… it just empowers NVidia which is not a consumer or OEM friendly company.

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