Delivering WordPress in 7KB

I saw this over on Hacker News, and thought that trying out the susty theme from might be worth trying.

So, besides looking very different let me know how you think about the feel?

I’m just a little bummed out that this removes the Ultima banners.  On the other hand it sure does render PDQ.  But I don’t like how the colours clash, and I don’t see any user place to set the font colour or even what the highlights & link colours will be.

So in all likelyhood I’ll be reverting this, but in the meantime, here we are.

5 thoughts on “Delivering WordPress in 7KB

  1. not bad, but please change the background colour. while it has an awesome shade of ’80s neon green mixed in with the 4-bit windows 95 default desktop teal, it is *literally* killing my eyes.. : )

  2. Overall very good and much clearer. Only thing is the green background colour seems to clash with the black text quite a bit and even reading a few lines causes blurriness. Maybe tone down the background?

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