Crimson Editor and Metapad for Alpha AXP NT

(This is a guest post by Antoni Sawicki aka Tenox)

I was doing some work on my Alpha AXP with Windows NT and needed a decent text editor. I realized there wasn’t really anything beyond Notepad, until now, that is.

Crimson Editor for Windows NT AXP

Metapad for Windows NT AXP


11 thoughts on “Crimson Editor and Metapad for Alpha AXP NT

    • Well I probably should have meant GUI based editor. Emacs and vi decent as they are I wanted some nice GUI with syntax highlighting etc. For text / console editors there will be another post soon.

      • I don’t remember Emacs 19.34 very well, but I’m pretty sure it had syntax highlighting, drop-down menus (at least on X, but I imagine on Win32 too), etc. It’s just that things like syntax highlighting aren’t turned on out of the box, and neither are CUA keys, so there’s a big learning curve.

        Also, a more mainstream contemporary editor, if anyone is interested:

        PC Magazine – 13 Sep 1994 – Page 327: “Visual SlickEdit for Windows, Version 1.5 ($295), a programming editor available for Microsoft Windows 3.1 and for Microsoft Windows NT on DEC Alpha AXP, MIPS, and x86 platforms.”

        I’ve never tried it, nor do I have it, it just occurred to me that there might have been a SlickEdit build for Alpha, so I checked.

    • The real hinderance for the RISC machines was the lack of any cross compiler. Although having built stuff for PowerPC on OS X i386, it was far too often a best effort guess if it’d run, and all too easy did it run on Rosetta emulation, but not bare iron.

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