zeeDoom updated to use latest Freedoom assets

So I missed all the updates over on doomworld about Freedoom, and deutex has been updated to support PNG files.  Which certainly explains why all the assets were in PNG.  I had thought they were still going the way of prBoom+ or some other ‘limit extending’ engine, but it turns out that they are wanting to target ‘vanilla’ LinuxDOOM derived engines.

So I tweeked my Makefiles where needed, and didn’t have enough Python to regenerate the text the way they do, so for now all the text assets are from a significantly older version.  At any rate, here we go with the new assets:

Downloads over on sourceforge, and of course, direct link to doom.wad.

Download zeeDoom

I’ll be on the road today, so no real updates.

2 thoughts on “zeeDoom updated to use latest Freedoom assets

    • yeah the name and levels were too similar. I had though that the level source was under a free license but it is not.

      I’m going to re-tool it, and put it back up with the free levels, and try another name before I strike more ire…

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