Thinking about doing something different about monitization

I hate ads, and didn’t want to go down that road, but I was thinking of something different.  I keep reading in the news about these ‘javascript bitcoin miners’.  Many of them apparently are stealthy, but how about one that is overt?  I saw over at that they do have ‘opt in’ versions of their scripts as opposed to doing it silently.  So I thought this would be something interesting to ask for:

Loading Authed Mine…
100% volentary!

So, buddy, spare some CPU cycles?

10 thoughts on “Thinking about doing something different about monitization

  1. Please don’t. If I remember the javascript coin mining costs, the user would spend $3 on energy for every $1 of coins generated. Seems to be a very inefficient method of generating income compared to having those willing donate directly.

  2. On top of being inefficient, it’s bad for the environment. Also I might need to replace the cooler on my CPU first 🙂

    I suspect that even mining JS that asks for your permission first will get blocked by some virus scanners when the JS tries to load.

    So I’m sorry but I won’t be opting in to this one, I’d prefer to just give you actual money – I’d almost prefer to send you my credit card number in plain text! 🙂

  3. I hate ads as much as you do. But one of my favourite blogs, of David L. Farquhar has the least intrusive ads. Would you reconsider introducing mining on your blog?

    • The mining was 100% opt in. That’s why I liked the idea. If you don’t click it, it just sits idle. It won’t do anything until you click the button, and even then it runs for something like 10 seconds. Load up something to watch your CPU, then hit the button and it’ll spike CPU, it does a unit of work then shuts down.

      I thought this was the least obtrusive option, as if you don’t like it, then don’t click it. And if you do like it, it only runs for a few seconds and that’s that.

      Auto mining to me is like video ads that auto play.. very annoying.

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