PCem v13 released

Lots of new features added into this release!

New systems like:

  • IBM PS/2 Model 50
  • IBM PS/2 Model 55SX
  • IBM PS/2 Model 80

New disk controllers!

  • AT Fixed Disk Adapter
  • DTC 5150X
  • Fixed Disk Adapter (Xebec)
  • IBM ESDI Fixed Disk Controller
  • Western Digital WD1007V-SE1
  • Adaptec AHA-1542C
  • BusLogic BT-545S
  • Longshine LCS-6821N
  • Rancho RT1000B
  • Trantor T130B

And plenty of new fixes!  I just installed Citrix 2.0 with the older OS/2 1.2 based drivers, and it works great!

Citrix 2.0 on PCem v13

The full announcement is here, along with downloads for Windows & Linux.

26 thoughts on “PCem v13 released

  1. Well, just a thought, why don’t you give 86Box a try? even a small one, as it recently added the venerable 53c810 and a properly working Model 80.

  2. – neozeed: What build of 86Box do the issues occur with?
    First, try the latest 86Box. EGA should work fine there.
    Second, could you please e-mail me ([email protected]) or post on the 86Box GitHub your 86box.cfg files and NVR folders for both issues so I can attempt to reproduce them, in case they still happen on the latest build of 86Box.

    • I’d try the 55SX… the 80 doesn’t seem so happy, and oddly enough with the same ROMS on 86box, the same reference disk won’t even run.

      • I’d just reached the same conclusion. I can’t get much to boot on the model 80. I’ll try again with the 55SX. I’ve misplaced my OS/2 2.0 images so I was trying to boot with a 2.1 installation disk. Reference disk I found at http://www.walshcomptech.com/selectpccbbs/ works OK on PCem after getting the ESDI roms…

        86box doesn’t compile for me, it stops due to a missing fluidsynth.h. The readme appears to need a few updates – git needs installing in the msys toolchain (pacman -S git) and the makefile is named Makefile.local.

        I’ll grab a binary and try that later.

        • I just tried the 55SX with the adf files from this page over @ pcem.org, and I managed to get MS-DOS 5 to install. OS/2 2.0 just crashes PCem out on diskette 1.

          That said, Citrix 2 installs using the AMI 386, onto a FAT partition fine, and runs great. Or I can take a disk image from Bochs that’s installed onto HPFS and just run it on PCem, and it’ll run okay.

          Although since I setup for a PS/2 style mouse, using a Pentium 60 is crazy fast for old Win16 stuff.

        • Do you guys have any support from or something? I get that it’s a fast moving Target but it sure feels like a lot of details for getting each system going, and it’s functional capabilities.

          I’ve been looking at getting the Bochs ROM running with more and more degrees of success.

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