How do you know someone is in MENSA?

Ugh, they’ll tell you.

So I was going through this used book store, Volume One Books, and they have an interesting selection of the older ‘golden age of scifi’ pulp novels.  I found this great old Clarke:

Against the fall of night

Cool, right?  Sure it’s the 70’s reprint, but I figured it’d be cheaper than the 1963 reprint, right?  Well sure, but then I saw this on the inside:

Obviously *NOT* a genius.

And someone had to deface the book to prove to the world that it had passed through the hands of a narcissist.

It’s embarrassing to even think I’d want to read the same thing that had been touched by some vapid twonk.


So I went ahead and got the much older version, that was free of such insane defacement.

4 thoughts on “How do you know someone is in MENSA?

  1. wastin^Wpayin 6 bazillion vi^Wschekelz = yuo iz klevar, bestest, meistre raec!
    (deja vu)
    and also masculanist, antifeminist, plaese wymyn demonstrate gurl powah!!!
    MENsa is dehunnestin fuer wymyn!!!!1111 HENce ze name!!!!111111oneeleven

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