Quakecon 2017

It’s that time of year again, QUAKECON.  If I were one to plan things, I’d be there either as an indie, with a table featuring such hits as QuakeWorld for OS/2, and of course the much beloved Quake II for MS-DOS.  But I’m a slacker, and things get forgotten.

As always, the old iD catalogue is on sale, featuring DooM!

Ultimate DooM is $9.75 HKD which is $1.25 USD.  So if for some reason you have never bought DooM, at this price it’s hard not to have it.  And of course all the old MS-DOS DooM can be had for $3.15 USD!  And of course for those who want to downgrade to version 1.1, don’t forget my ancient article “Just how ‘original’ is the Ultimate Doom on steam?

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