Uploaded my cross DJGPP v1 environment to sourceforge

project is here.

I also put up the source for my ‘null doom‘, for anyone who ever needs some massaged source to DooM that will compile with a C compiler, instead of needing something that can understand C++ style comments, although I know in cccp.c there is the ability to turn on cplusplus style processing.  However since I did want something that would compile without altering the compiler (too much) I thought it was best to just change all the comments.

And a quick download link to the zip file with the source & binaries.
Download crossdjgppv1
Download crossdjgppv1

2 thoughts on “Uploaded my cross DJGPP v1 environment to sourceforge

  1. Believe it or not, the first time I saw that game, was at the first LinuxWorld. An individual was playing on an Alpha running Linux (of course) and he was losing badly. The next day a Compaq chappie was trying to sync his iPaq also running Linux with it, and both were ignoring him…….

    • It’s always amazing how it’s gone from incredibly intensive to being trivial in terms of requirements.

      Although I’ve found it a really good stress test for cross compilers.

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