DECUS links to ancient GNU software

Digital Equipment Computer Users’ Society (DECUS), used to put out tapes of interesting things to it’s members.  Back when everyone didn’t have an internet connection, or even if they did a high speed one.

I was looking for stuff where I only had a patch, but not the original files.  So it was great for me to not only dig out an ancient sed from the era, but also bison, and gas.  The ancient binutils are great for people who need to manipulate the a.out format, although the later binutils version 2 supports far more formats by virtue of it’s “BFD” or binary file database or as it was known as back then a ‘big fucking deal’

If you have ancient and or obsolete stuff, GNU stuff can fill the void of the often missing vendor development tools.  It’s crazy how many people sold the tools that kept their systems relevant, although needless to say that attitude pretty much solidified the end of their existence..

The good stuff from 1989 to 1993.
It’s not complete, but it’s still fantastic!


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