Summer Steam Sales…..

I almost wish I could get this into games…

If you’ve never played Fallout, I’d highly recommend it.  No not that fallout, the old one. The original one.  Although not currently on sale, it is on GOG as well.  As the video mentions though, Fallout 3 was ‘ok’ but kind of un-remarkable.  New Vegas was head and shoulders above, and 4.. well.. it’s best to pretend it never happened.

I guess whatever drama was behind selling the original version has been finally cleared up and it’s everywhere now.

I also thought it was somewhat worth mentioning that You can browse Moby games by system requirements, so you can easily find all the ‘Direct X 3‘, and ‘Direct X 5‘ games.  There never was a Direct X 4.  I did kind of enjoy ‘The Hive‘, although I never had enough time to finish it.  I guess in that sense though it is significant as it is one of the handful of early first Direct X games.

Fallout MS-DOS over Windows 95

There was an MS-DOS version, along with MacOS 7 version, albeit for the PowerPC.  The MacOS version doesn’t run under emulation.  It was later carbonized for early OS X, which again is PowerPC only.  I haven’t tried it on OS X 10.6, the last version of OS X that included Rosetta.

You can find the MS-DOS exe / patches on The GOG version for Mac OS X used to the MS-DOS version in DOSBox, however it’s been updated to the Windows version to use WINE.  On my machine the default launcher for STEAM and GOG don’t work, however the ‘classic’ launcher works fine.  If you get the black screen, then you too have to run the low resolution version.

For whatever reason, my Windows 95 + Direct X 7.0a won’t run Fallout.  Very strange, but the helpful message:

Oh well.

5 thoughts on “Summer Steam Sales…..

  1. Filthy casual or not great to seeing you playing it. 🙂 It’s a great game.

    I’m thinking if you delete the sfall ddraw.dll then it may work. Unknown if GOG made any other changes to their package tho. I’m really against re-buying software I already “own” otherwise I’d grab a copy and see what changes they made.

    If you want a more modded version of the game then there is the FIXT mod over at the no mutants allowed forum. If you want just the fixes then grab the TeamX patches (also at NMA). The game is fully completable without but the fixes are nice.

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