SEGA to lauch SEGA Forever tomorrow!

It looks suspicioutsly like the old iOS versions of SEGA games I used to have back when I used an iPhone (2010-2012)

So yeah, leaderboards, and other stuff, and freeumium on mobile only.  Although I guess that means anything Android will do, including PC’s and Mac’s running Android under emulation.. Or ‘big’ Android systems like kiosks, and ‘computing sticks’ that’ll plug into any nice big TV set.

Add in some bluetooth controlers, and I try to pretend it’s 1988.

Since I live in the future, let me get you a list of what is available for you ‘tomorrow’

SEGA Forever purchase options

At least there is a play version with cloud saves too.  I guess $1.99 USD is OK in the scheme of things.  I don’t want to think how many times I’ve bought this game though lol

Store blurb for Phantasy Star II

And here is the long scroll…


10+ downloads.  So it just launched!

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