One of those days.

* Abosolutely brilliant. Assume that sizeof(long) == 4. The author of this
* code should give classes on how to write non-portable code. Other bitches:
* (1) assuming that all architectures are big endian
* (2) storing/accessing shorts on unaligned boundaries
* (3) assuming all machines align things to 4 byte boundaries
* Define a 2-byte word type and a 4-byte word type.

source – internal.h

sigh.  Anyone have a PDO/Enterprise Objects disc? for some reason I think I need pdo.h

4 thoughts on “One of those days.

    • I was looking for the NeXTSTEP PDO, aka portable distributed objects. That’s the hell of the TLA (Three Letter Acronym), that it could have been anything…. Although I got past that build issue, turns out that the ObjectiveC runtime wasn’t being told to build ‘native’ aka on a NeXT so it was thinking it was OPENSTEP on another platform, which would then require PDO.

    • I purchased an ISO of 4.2 from … However I’d love other version for the sake of completeness, especially if they have source, to track the drift in GCC 2.7.2

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