Peter Godiwn’s Gopher Server

Thanks to reader Peter Godiwn, he built a .net Gopher Proxy that can read several providers via API, and to get the ball rolling, he built a WordPress connector, and yes it works great with my site!

The added bonus is that now I am automatically updating my site via gopher.  It lives as a root, so instead of taking my existing gopher offline, I added a new DNS record, and brought up:


Naturally that URL won’t work for 99.99% of the people out there since their browsers don’t support gopher, but the Floodgap Gopher proxy, will do the trick!

One cool feature is that it can take modern images, and convert them to GIF for older browsers.  Images even work on Netscape!

Auto converted PNG to GIF

You can find source & binaries on his github page.

Super thanks to Peter, and what a fitting 10+1 post!

16 thoughts on “Peter Godiwn’s Gopher Server

  1. Pushed an update to the tree today. Adds an RSS reader provider and a Macintosh Garden proxy provider.

    Netscape 3 on the Mac works well.
    It also works on TurboGopher on the Mac – – but doesn’t seem to like the downloads properly. The client seems to open the connection then closes it not longer after it prompts to save the file. I’m not sure what’s going on there as Netscape seems fine.

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