PCem v12 released

PCem v12 released. Changes from v11 :

  • New machines added – AMI 386DX, MR 386DX
  • New graphics cards – Plantronics ColorPlus, Wyse WY-700, Obsidian SB50, Voodoo 2
  • CPU optimisations – up to 50% speedup seen
  • 3DFX optimisations
  • Improved joystick emulation – analogue joystick up to 8 buttons, CH Flightstick Pro, ThrustMaster FCS, SideWinder pad(s)
  • Mouse can be selected between serial, PS/2, and IntelliMouse
  • Basic 286/386 prefetch emulation – 286 & 386 performance much closer to real systems
  • Improved CGA/PCjr/Tandy composite emulation
  • Various bug fixes

Thanks to Battler, leilei, John Elliott, Mahod, basic2004 and ecksemmess for contributions towards this release.


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    • I’m not all that sure on what is required to do so.. I merely tweaked someone else’s network code, that now I’ve forgotten who’s … I guess I can try.

  1. In case you’re interested.
    [From http://www.popot.org/get_the_games.php?game=SDLPoP%5D

    SDLPoP is an open-source port of Prince of Persia that runs natively on Windows and Linux.
    It is based on a disassembly of the DOS version, and uses SDL. It has its own forum board.
    Download: SDLPoP-1.17.zip (5.0M)
    Version 1.17 was released by David on 5 February 2017.
    A (potentially unstable) ‘bleeding edge’ version is available at GitHub.
    The file doc/Readme.txt has a list of all contributors.
    The level editor apoplexy can be used to edit SDLPoP levels: Native_PoP1_Executables_and_apoplexy.pdf

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