More idiots stealing my posts

So I just had made a nonsensical post on “Linux Apache GCC binutils elf .com a.out binary loader blob freedom Ralph Nader for president” and sure enough picked it up theivery in progress theivery in progress

Usually they say that thievery is the highest compliment, but dam how about a reference back to the original?

To me the ultimate worst is how they butcher the content. how lame! how lame!

They capture none of the formatting, none of the love.  Instead they just scoop and poop content.

It’s really not such a red flag, I mean They don’t copy everything so they miss so much, and of course now it just means I need to inject some obnoxious title, and you can view the rest and much more @ nonsense.. I don’t worry so much about page views, but rather I think the serendipity of additional topics and page views is what I end up losing.  Again it’s not that I advertise, I spend some $20 USD a month on a dedicated Iron server to run my blog on, but rather for me it is the conversation, and further engagement in comments that make it all worth while.

To me community engagement is the real currency.  And my endless blathering is the honey trap.

Ha ha.  Anyways I have more stuff to write on, not as naval gazing as this, but I did want someone else to write the magical words Ralph Nader for president.


Myron Reducto – Ralph Nader for President

8 thoughts on “More idiots stealing my posts

    • lol, I always wanted to, but they made us learn French. Although I have been to France a bunch of times, but my proficiency sucks, and I don’t know how to say anything adult so it’s really useless.

      • They forced Latin on me for two years and I resisted it valiantly because I was young ,stupid and thought I don’t need it because I want to be a computer programmer and Latin is literally less useful to me than COBOL. Now I wish I had learned it back then.

        Don’t get me started on French. I once spoke it fairly well (now don’t due to lack of exercise) but I didn’t really like it, and I particularly hate the frickin numbers. Whenever I’m in France I have to ask the cashiers to show me the display on their machine because otherwise, based on nothing but their words, I’d need a frickin’ pocket calculator to figure out I have to pay twenty-three euros and four times twenty and another sixteen cents, jesus.

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