LibVNCServer + UAE

UAE over VNC

UAE over VNC

I’m starting with a much older version of UAE, as I wanted something basic to start with.  I’ve wanted to do this for a while, but finally today I sat down with an ancient version of LibVNCServer 0.7, that doesn’t require me to spend hours tracking down all the cmake dependencies and other stuff, instead I could waste the day doing what I wanted to do, which was to remove the SDL display from UAE 0.4, and set it up so I can connect to it remotely.

I’ve always wanted to make some kind of multi-user server out of some stuff, and after seeing how some people do some crazy container bridge to do something like Basilisk II to X11 to VNC, out to some HTML5 viewer, I think it may be easier to just bake the VNC component directly into the emulator, almost in the way that Qemu does it, however for now I’m going to usurp the SDL code I added entirely.

It may be fun to also try something like DooM, and or Quake/QuakeWorld/Quake II.. But for me at least, this was the first big step.

More works needs to be done before I share it though, things like keyboard, and mouse input.  Also it seems to crash from time to time while either disconnecting or connecting the VNC client.  Naturally it runs best under GDB ……..

More uselessness….

video reverse?

video reverse?

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  1. Yes yes YES PLEASE! You read my mind. These days I’m going crazy and attach all the things to VNC. I fiddled with Basilisk for a while after bringing my simh-VAX with VMS and DEC Windows to VNC glory, but failed to even build it on my FreeBSD host. I really wanted to have a Mac emulator I could access from over the network. But since I’m generally into emulation, I’m pretty excited for your work.

    Please, continue and share your results.



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